The Community

We take care to offer you great design for your customers.
Concepts that are unique and meaningful.
A piece of story to keep.
Gifts that everyone would just love to take with themselves.

Here are some highlights about our brands.

Tiny Miracles

Dutch Design with a great cause

Designed by Pepe Heykoop Tiny Miracles offers a range of beautiful decorative creations with a purpose.

Focused on the beauty of handmade products crafted by women in Mumbai India, Tiny Miracles has not only created great designs but a holistic approach to eliminate poverty.

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ICFF Award – 2015 Best New Designer
IMM Cologne – 2013 Interior Innovation

Their Values

Beautiful High-end Design

A Perfect Accent for Any Space

Great Packages Easy to Take

Meaningful Gifts


Eco-Friendly Design

Colorful, bold and diverse as life itself LOQI offers more than 100 designs for everyone.

A very fashionable way to eliminate the use of plastic bags and keep our Planet clean and safe.

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Their Values

Super Eco-friendly

Very very Reusable

Great to take Everywhere

Excellent Quality at Great Prices

Little Sun

We are all connected by the sun

Designed by Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen Little Sun offers innovative design and the power of sun light.
Little Sun has been transforming lives
by bringing solar light to every corner of this world.
A global project that has changed over a million lives through the bright power of our sun.

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Little Sun is a proudly certified
B Corporation

Their Values

100% Sustainable Gifts

A Whole Community Involved

The Best Partners Around the Globe

An Amazing Project


Duality on Design

dua is a mediator between disciplines and combines the beauty of craftsmanship with the unlimited possibilities of technology.

dua’s aim is the creation of sustained products. And with sustainability we mean longevity and timelessness.

dsgn+ carries its innovative
design DING-A4 designed
by Erik Sandoval Pickert

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dua has been recognized with following awards:


Their Values

Original Concepts

Long-life Materials

Bright Colors

Innovative Design